Welcome to the landing page for the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild Technical Committee!

Meeting on July 25th 2023. 6 PM at PHX Beer Co brewery taproom on Washington Street. Zoom Link Here

  • First judge training event: 8/8 at 6p at TBD
  • Second judge training event: 9/5 at 6p at TBD
  • AZCBA judging: 9/16
  • AZCBA Awards: 10/6

Sign up to judge: https://forms.gle/E8HDVdADEyXHDA9f9

Enter your beer: https://forms.gle/pur7yeJ6bBcqgkcg9

If you are not on Slack yet, email for an invite to the Guild Slack
Check out the Technical Committee Slack channel here: https://azcraftbrewersguild.slack.com/archives/C3H8V1M5J

The Guild sends out weekly newsletters and YOU should see them! Info about things happening all over the state, festivals, and we even have educational topics! Sign up here.  It’s once a week and guaranteed to be quick and easy to read!



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