What Does Real Wild & Woody Mean?

Q. What is real ale?
A. We have the 70’s to thank for a lot of things, including the “Real Ales”. But what does a real ale mean? It’s pretty simple. The phrase makes it easy to tell processed beers and traditional brews apart.</p> <p>Also known as a cask beer, this type of brew is actually served from the same spot it ferments in. You can usually tell if it’s real ale from the traditional hand-pulls. But, not all of bars follow this rule, so when in doubt, ask about!
Q. What is so "real" about real ale?
A. All natural, baby! Real ale is served right from the cask it’s created in because of a nifty process called secondary fermentation. This is the golden ticket to making real ale, real. The aromas and tastes are some that processed beers can’t replicate.
Q. What's so Wild about a Wild Brew?
A. A wild beer can mean a lot of different things, but mainly, a “wild beer” is used to label beer that has Brettanomyces, or Brett, qualities. Brett is a yeast strain that makes a brew taste earthy. Some believe a wild brew has to be impulsively fermented, not created in a lab.
Q. What is a Woody?
A. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. Were talking about beer here. As you might have guessed a woody beer is a wood or barrel aged brew. You’re not going to taste an entire redwood forest in these brews though. The subtle taste and aromas of the different barrels like tequila or bourbon are just woody enough to get your taste buds excited.


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