2022 ReCOUPon AZ Beer Booklet


We Miss Events

Events are more than just money for the Guild. They are cultural statements about the industry that we love. It’s about people and building camaraderie. We miss putting these events on– a lot.

Events are one of the primary sources of revenue that funds our work on behalf of breweries. Please support the ReCOUPon AZ Beer project and recoup some great value and good times.

Tell Me More!

  • Coupons for deals at Arizona Breweries for only $35
  • Over $700 of value
  • Valid throughout 2022
  • Statewide participation by 43 locations
  • See our map here.

ReCOUPon AZ Beer Booklet


The books will be on sale Friday, Nov. 26 through the end of January 2022. The $35 booklet includes coupons from 43 different breweries throughout the state. Each participating brewery provides one to four discounts for the book for a total of 110 coupons. Discounts range from 50% off growler fills and buy one get one free six backs, to 20% off the entire tab and
1 cent pints.

“If you’re looking for a great gift that will be here in time for Christmas and won’t be affected by supply chain issues look no further,” says Rob Fullmer, executive director of the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild. “Printed locally, the RECOUPON booklet supports local craft brewers in their quest to brew the best beers in Arizona.”

Where to Buy

You can also purchase the ReCOUPon AZ Beer Booklet at your favorite brewery! Visit the Map of Locations to see which breweries are selling them.

Participating Breweries & Taprooms

In 2021, these Breweries graciously provided these incentives for the Recoup On AZ Beer program. The funds raised are essential for the survival of the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild. You can find the booklet for purchase at locations indicated with (*). See our Map of Locations for more information.

Little O’s

Huss Brewing Co. (*)

8-Bit Aleworks (*)

Old Ellsworth Brewing Co. (*)

Black Rock Brewers

Uncle Bears Brewery and Taproom (*)

Walter Station (*)

Bawker Bawker Cider House

Historic Brewing Co.

Copper Brothel Brewery

O.H.S.O Brewery + Distillery

Electric Brewing

The Beer Research Institute

Pedal Haus Brewery 

Desert Monks Brewing Co. (*)

Ten55 Brewing Co.

Transplant City Beer Co. (*)

LazyG Brewhouse (*)

PHX Beer Co. (*)

Oak Creek Brewing Co.

MotoSonora Brewing Co. (*)

Barrio Brewing Co. (*)

Black Horse Brewery

Sedona Beer Co.

Button Brew House

Bone Haus Brewing

Throne Brewing Co.

Oro Brewing Co.

SanTan Brewery & Distillery

Harbottle Brewing Company (*)

Front Pourch Brewing (*)

Copper Mine Brewing Co.

Wanderlust Brewing Co. (*)

Dragoon Brewing Co.

The Shop Beer Co. (*)

Wren House Brewing Co. 

Simple Machine Brewing Co. (*)

Lumberyard Brewing Co.

Beaver Street Brewery

THAT Brewery

Grand Canyon Brewing Company (*)

Crooked Tooth Brewing Co.

Cactus Taproom

College Street Brewhouse

Arizona Craft Brewers Guild (*)

Printing Solutions (*)

Order online (COMING SOON).

Participating Locations Map

  Participating Location

Booklet Sold & Participating Location

Google Map link.



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