Helget Gas Products (HGP) has been a customer-service focused supplier in the Brewery, Beverage, Medical, and Helium industries for over 30 years.

Helget was invited to compete in the Phoenix area by multiple restaurant and brewery managers who were not satisfied with the level of service provided by their current Beverage Gas Supplier.

HGP’s dedication to providing top quality customer service sets us apart from our competition.

Like our competition:

  • We offer competitively priced cylinder gas supply. 
  • We offer bulk tank (cylinder-free) gas supply solutions.


Unlike much of our competition, we are a family-owned business, specializing in:

  • Customer-first service.
  • Cylinder-free beverage gas supply. 
    • “Touch Free” gas supply -no deliveries, no contact with staff, no traffic through the back door!
    • No cylinder exchanges or swaps during customer service hours.
    • No run-outs, and no emergency service needs -although we’ve got you if you ever need us!
    • No staff confusion with dangerous cylinder handling.


Green Air Supply (GAS) Environmental Nitrogen systems. We are proud to be the area’s exclusive provider of GAS nitrogen separators!

    • On-site nitrogen harvesting to replace cylinder supply.
    • “Endless” nitrogen and two beverage gas blends supplied at a flat, low, monthly rate.
    • Custom blends for maximum keg profits. Tailored to fit your draft system without compromise.
    • Supports all draft products: ales and lagers, craft beer, nitro beers, wine, cold-brew coffee, nitro coffee, draft cocktails, etc.
    • Touch Free!  No more Nitrogen cylinders coming in from who-knows-where, handled by who-knows-who.
    • Built on the West Coast by a craft brewer and a beverage system expert.
    • Unparalleled in quality, purity, and reliability.  


By partnering with Helget Gas Products we will assist your brewery, bar or restaurant in becoming more efficient, safer, and profitable.


Helget Gas Products


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