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The Bone Haus Brewing name and theme are a nod to the many ossuaries and catacombs, also known as bone houses, we’ve visited across Europe. Those warmly lit chambers contain artistic and stunning displays of skeletal remains of everyone from revered monks to common townsfolk, but those final resting places are hardly final, as they now serve as monuments for inspiration, reflection, and celebration for the living. They can be a reminder to live for today. The Bone Haus Brewing taproom is, at its heart, a gathering place that beguiles the senses, with curiosities and surprises around every shadowy corner. And in keeping with the notion of living for today, the brewery also offers Day of the Dead prints from our fellow traveler and business partner David Lozeau, whose artistic influence can be seen in the whimsically macabre decor.


We focus on our craft to make the best beers and beverages we can as we explore new bold and adventurous flavors. Our signature beer is our Black IPA, which utilizes dark European grains and exhibits both front and center bitterness, but also delights customers with hints of mocha and a smooth finish. While no beer can’t be all things to all palettes, we carefully crafted this cheeky “black sheep” to bring smiles to the faces of both IPA lovers and self-proclaimed IPA haters. We have some mainstay styles throughout our 16 taps that range from lush, cascading stouts like our Chocolate Milk Stout to new creations like our Maple Mesquite Brown Ale and lighter beers like our Raspberry Blonde Ale. We want to provide a different tasting experience upon every visit, so we’re dedicated to crafting a steady rotation of limited-editions and seasonals in order to round out our offerings and keep our customers guessing. We want to focus on brewing interesting beer (as well as sodas, tea, and coffee!) and serving our customers, so we’ve invited local restaurants to deliver and we occasionally host a fun variety of food trucks when the tap room is open to the public. Our craft beer will also be made available through distribution.

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14825 E Shea Blvd #101, Fountain Hills, AZ


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