Delivering value as a strategic advisor to nonprofits and for-profits for 15 years. Expertise includes:
    • Providing direct analysis, guidance, and oversight to nonprofit boards, executives, and diverse department heads
    • Sharing strategies to improve governance, streamline efficiencies, drive revenue growth, onboard key personnel, design successful initiatives, and advance professional development
    • Launching and organizing nonprofit 501(c)6 trade organizations from the ground up
    • Providing tangible, proven, in-depth nonprofit management resources for understanding governance, bylaws, committee structures, board leadership, fundraising, partnerships, grantmaking, and much more
    • Examining and analyzing operations, establishing KPIs, and advancing innovative solutions in support of driving goals
    • Identifying areas where processes /programs can be improved to help the association run more successfully
    • Facilitating organizational strategic planning and developing a tactical plan to help put the strategic plan into action, while remaining cognizant of current internal capacity
    • Board and leadership development – onboarding incoming association leadership on ALL THINGS nonprofit association management in bev-alcohol and beyond
    • Producing materials, both on and offline, for constituents at all levels
    • Researching & designing association philanthropy/ charitable initiatives
    • Organizing & planning for member meetings, committee meetings, board meetings
    • Sharing and systemizing strategies, and streamlining efficiencies, to improve governance, membership, fundraising, etc
    • Designing & executing member surveys
    • Assisting in planning & orchestrating association events – organization, compliance, EAP/crisis planning, sponsor structures, etc

What are the solutions you seek? What are the hurdles to becoming a powerhouse association that are causing you to lose sleep at night? I can help. Together we are better.

And if I can’t help with your association’s needs, I can find someone that can!

World renowned associations have been creating solutions for decades – there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Through my collaboration with hundreds of association management professionals from industries all over the map, I’ve been collecting these tried-and-true strategies and bring them to you, enabling us to customize and repurpose for your organization, saving you already-limited time and money.

Transparent and affordable rates. I guarantee my work results or I’ll keep working until we get it right.
Reach out to set up a free 30-minute call to determine how I can be of service in advancing your organization’s mission and goals.


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