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Beering Arizona

What is Beering Arizona? It’s a one day, choose your own adventure beer festival supporting independent
Arizona Craft Breweries! Just like H.I. and Edwina “chose” H.I. Junior, you get to choose how to support your
favorite Arizona Breweries. So, whether you’re planning on escaping your COVID prison like Gale and Evelle
and enjoying this festival in-person, or staying home with the babies like Nathan and Florence… There are
options for everyone to enjoy Beering Arizona!

Tickets and Commemorative Items Available Now!

  • Purchase your ticket here:
  • Join our Facebook page for updates and posts about Beering Arizona here:
  • Packages include a commemorative Beering Arizona t-shirt/tank top + an insulated cooler swag bag full of merch AND special Beering Arizona deals* from your favorite local breweries
  • Planning on enjoying Beering Arizona virtually? Make your rounds ahead of 9/19 and pick up your favorite Arizona beers to enjoy from the comfort of your couch!
  • If you’re venturing out these days, make plans to visit participating breweries in person on 9/19 to
    celebrate Beering Arizona!
  • Share your celebration and your Beering Arizona beer run haul with others on our Facebook page using the
    hashtag #BeeringArizona and #ChooseAZBrews
  • Now more than ever, Arizona Craft Breweries need your help!
  • Proceeds support the organization that supports our breweries— The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild guiding them through the legal and procedural challenges during the crisis that has caused us all to fight for survival.

*Deals while supplies last

Beering Arizona FAQ

Beering Arizona is a movement to help our breweries through beer sales and help the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild. While there is a Sept 19th online virtual festival, there is also an opportunity to get deals and discounts from breweries ahead of and after Sept 19th.
Our breweries have onsite, to go and delivery options so you can participate based on your level of comfort.

While we offer other types of merchandise and tickets to the virtual event, the Insulated Cooler Bag is required to get the deals. The bag is sponsored by business partners that support the Guild and our breweries, so the Insulated Cooler Bag is an integral part of supporting Beering Arizona. It’s lightweight and it’s a handy thing to have in your car whenever you need to go on a beer run.

Glassware and masks.
You can buy a glass or a mask ala-carte with the purchase of a package only. We have a limited supply of items and we cannot replace glassware broken items easily.  With all of the pop-up merch, we have available, shipping logistics with this fundraiser were designed to keep it simple.

You can add a shirt or racer-back tanks with any order.

We’re getting that date soon. We have a limited number of items, so ordering early is best. Once you get your stuff, you can hit the ground running and take advantage of the deals and discounts IF the Insulated Cooler Bag is part of your order. These deals and discounts are offered before and after September 19, but are subject to availability.

All purchased items include a ticket. Due to the nature of the internet, it’s not easy for us to track and monetize the tickets. While we may offer tickets at a later time, our focus right now is getting you the goods and getting you to shop our breweries.

General Admission tickets get you access to the Beering Arizona Live stream on September 19th.
VIP tickets offer the opportunity to be a part of the program with access to the brewers and guests of the program. We will also have pre and post programming–announced soon.

Also, consider that your purchase is going toward the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild–the organization that has guided breweries through this pandemic, working to keep breweries open safely and supporting measures like delivery, curbside, and to-go privileges to restaurants.

Additionally, some breweries may offer separate deals to VIP ticket holders.

Some offers and deals will be loaded into your Insulated Cooler Bag and shipped to you while others will be emailed to you. The Insulated Cooler Bag must be a part of your purchase to get these deals and they are offered while supplies last.

We will be using your purchase email to send relevant links and updates to the deals and discounts as they happen.

Your purchase is going toward the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild–the organization that has guided breweries through this pandemic, working to keep breweries open safely and supporting measures like delivery, curbside, and to-go privileges to restaurants.

The Guild has been protecting the interests of breweries and craft beer fans since 1998 and more recently lifted restrictions on Arizona breweries through the Arizona Beer Bill. That bill allowed breweries to collaborate and sell each other’s products. It raised the gallonage cap so that Arizona could stay financially competitive with surrounding states. A more complete list of the Guild’s efforts is here.

The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild normally funds operations through Festival like the Arizona Strong Beer Festival and Arizona Beer Week. In 2020, we’ve had to cancel Baja Beer Festival, Real Wild and Woody, AZBrewCon, and JamBEERee.



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