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An Arizona beer podcast from Rob Fullmer Executive Director of the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild and Deputy Director Andrew Bauman. Providing access to breweries, beer policy, and legislation, beer culture that no other pod can offer.



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S2E67: Back in the Saddle Beer News

The Frontier Team is back in the office with Rob returning from the EU.

So many things happened in the last 10 days or so in Arizona beer news that we felt it was a good time to catch everyone up before we did a show on Belgium and France.

The closures of Lonesome Valley and the announcement of the closure of Flying Basset are disappointing since each had a community that appreciated their businesses.

Ad Astra closes shop but will shortly be open under a new name in Tempe.

Helton’s sale to OHSO will enable OHSO to compete as one of Arizona’s largest breweries. We also put the sale in context given OHSO’s announced relationship with Hensley as their new distribution partner.

Do these moves and closures signal the contraction of our industry or is this part of maintaining an overall brewing eco-system?

Tickets are on sale for the following events:

We asked the fun duo, wetigersukesongs if we could use their version of Minas de Cobres and they graciously agreed. We hope you like it as much as the original. wetigersukesongs can be found here!

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